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So Like, How Did You Guys Meet Anyway?

If there’s ever a question Marco and I get asked more than the famous, “So like, what language do you guys talk to each other in anyway?” it would be how we met. It makes sense. It’s not so common to hear of a Columbus, Ohio native who is now somehow married to an Italian from… Read more »

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Other Things I’ve Written About Italy, With Love

Besides your weekly dose of Italy-inspired love, I also write freelance articles or posts about Italy around the web. I thought I’d share them with you here not JUST for shameless self-promoting, but also because they are topics I haven’t written about on the blog and likely won’t, seeing as how they already exist in my own… Read more »

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Photo Essay: Springtime in Northern Italy

When asked what’s my favorite season, I’ve always had a loyal response. Now, however, I’ve finally realized that the question is more idiosyncratic than I thought. It largely depends on where. My favorite season is fall (or autumn as I call it here since no one would understand the strange American way to describe the transition season)…. Read more »

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Me, Italy and Our Ever-Changing Relationship

My relationship with Italy has changed since I first came to study in Florence. It’s changed since I returned unprepared and since I started commuting back and forth as I fell in love with both my now-husband and the country. After a year in Italy, it’s still changing. I can’t argue against all the friends who… Read more »