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The Food of Sicily, Italy’s Most Unique Cuisine

As of this writing, I still have yet to visit Sicily. I’ve always want to, but I’ve also always wanted to see everything. After seeing the major cities in Italy, I had no priority of what to see next because I wanted to see it all. From the time I moved to Italy we’ve celebrated Carnevale in Venice,… Read more »

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The World-Class Food of Emilia Romagna

There’s no region more noted and celebrated for its food than Emilia Romagna. Emilia Romagna is Italy’s gastronomic powerhouse. No small feat in a country known for its food culture. The region itself is well-off, happy, filled with cities with the highest quality of life in Italy. Modena, Bologna, Parma – each famed for its food and… Read more »

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The Geographical Food of Veneto

It’s impossible to identify just one dish that personifies the food of Veneto. Though most only visit the region’s capital city, Venice, it actually spans from the mighty port town of Venice to the mountains up north, then inland to Verona and its cuisine reflects that, with each area enjoying its own local specialty.  Along the coast seafood is preferred,… Read more »

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The Food of Valtellina 

Winter in Northern Italy means bone-chilling humidity. The damp air seeps into our bones, making even the most virile young person feel achy, tired. Though life goes on at top speed with school and work, Christmas preparations, and twinkling lights that attempt to shine through the fog, there’s little to do to escape the heavy… Read more »

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The Mixed-Cultured Food of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia has a large, complicated and fascinating history. A border region between Italy, Austria and Slovenia, it’s been constantly fought over, controlled, traded. Everyone from Attila the Hun to the Nazis have passed through Friuli to gain access to the important sea ports of the Adriatic Sea. The region or parts of the… Read more »

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Italy’s Traditional Food For The New Year

I’m not sure how many American families actually indulge in sausage and sauerkraut on New Year’s day. Though it is a tradition in the United States (without a doubt stolen from our many German settlers) most Americans I know turn up their nose at the sour dish. I was raised watching my grandfather and father scarf… Read more »

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My Favorite Foods in Tuscany and Umbria

What’s your favorite Italian food?   Recently, Marco asked me the same question. Though it might seem simple enough, I knew that coming from him, the question wasn’t as simple as it sounded. “Food or dish?” I asked.  Dish. I thought about some of my favorites. I knew that risotto or pizza wouldn’t do. He’d want something… Read more »

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On Travel and Food

Some travel to eat. They associate each country with the dish that represents it, creating gastronomic tours to find the best of their favorite food or easily adding entire meal categories between the classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner while traveling. They munch their way through a country, learning the culture one plate at a time…. Read more »

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On Italy and Food

Italy has taught me a lot about food. It’s taught me a lot about freshness and flavor and fat. About the simplicity of some fresh bee honey abundantly drizzled over fresh ricotta requested that day from the cheese counter. “Così?” like this? the man will ask, holding his spatula over a pie-slice size chunk of ricotta… Read more »

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There’s No Such Thing as Italian Food

People love Italian food. I love Italian food! The thing is, talk with any Italian and you’ll start to learn that the cuisine is a bit more intricate than just “mmmm. pizza!” or “gelato at all hours of the day!” See, there are two different kinds of pizza classes, the Roman and Napolitano, and it… Read more »