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Wine Regions of Italy: Piedmont

Let’s get real: we all know the world is obsessed with Tuscany. And I get it, it has priceless Renaissance art and architecture, gorgeous landscapes and a wonderful climate. It also knows how to market its vineyards and wine. But there’s another region in Italy whose wine is just as noteworthy: Piemonte. Located in the… Read more »

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Wine Regions of Italy: Lombardy

Lombardy is completely surrounded by the stars of wine production — Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany – so you’d be forgiven for overlooking the regional wines, but Lombardy’s wines can still hold their own. Most famous for its sparkling whites and deep Valtellina reds, Lombardy also has a range of lightly sparkling reds that are surprisingly versatile.  As a… Read more »

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Wine Regions of Italy: Veneto

Italy is known for its wine, but Italian wine is more than just Chianti. It’s more than just Tuscan vineyards. It’s more than just a house red. And though the house wine is often delicious and well-made, and though the wine is cheap and sometimes does, yes, flow like rivers, Italian wine also comes with a… Read more »

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We Will Drink No Wine Until It’s Time – It’s Time!

I never did the whole “bike through Tuscany wine tour” when I studied in Florence. I didn’t go to a wine tasting in some quaint farmhouse in the Tuscan hills or take a wine course offered as an extracurricular during my study abroad. And though I grew up under the influence of my nonno, a sort-of wine connoisseur,… Read more »

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What’s The Deal With Carnival in Italy?

Many travelers to Italy might never know the importance of Carnival, or carnevale, in Italy. But the few who have seen the pictures, or happened to be here during Carnival season will know: it’s huge. Carnival is far more than just eerily elaborate masks in Venice. It’s celebrated by young and old in ever town… Read more »

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My 2020 Italy Travel Wish List

This is not a specific travel plan, but a list of places that most pique my interest now. They are places that I should have already visited; places I’ve seen but need more time with; and places that have just recently come on my radar. Few of the destinations are top picks for first-time visitors, but I’d… Read more »

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2019 Year in Travel Review

Everyone does travel year-in-review blog posts. But let’s be real: it only really works for those lucky few who have been to dozens of different destinations. Those with enviable schedules and even better photos. I’d love to do a year in review of the sort, one that shows me jet-setting across the world (even if that’s not… Read more »

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2020 Italy Travel Resolutions

Resolution time! Like I said last year, these Italy Travel Resolutions are suggestions on destinations, mentalities and experiences to try.  Each year I try to give tips and ideas for your next trip to Italy. To help you learn from my mistakes, or to give a nudge in a more unique direction. The resolutions are not restricted to any certain year…. Read more »

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How to Survive Rain in Italy

Last month Marco and I had a lovely weekend trip planned to the vineyards of Piedmont. Three days of touring small country towns, enjoying the local food and sipping wine in our rented apartment while Adeline rests. Mid-October, it was the perfect time to go to Piedmont: the height of the harvest season with truffles,… Read more »

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What’s the Deal With Truffles in Italy?

Ah the infamous tartufo. Truffles in Italy are ubiquitous with autumn in Italy. It’s shaved over just about anything this time of year, listed on menus throughout Italy and even celebrated in the White Truffle Festival of Alba in October and November. I happen to love truffles, and I’m not the only one. Throughout the world these… Read more »