First: Get the price of staying the night out of the way by finding a friend who’s staying there so you can crash on their floor. Bring a yoga mat and blanket or else your night will be particularly rough. If not, try couchsurfing or a hostel – the city is full of university students, so there’s a good chance you can find something if you’re innovative enough.

Friday Night

Liquid dinner. Go to the nearest supermarket and buy a six-pack of delicious, cheap German beer. Then head to augustinerplatz and scope out your territory for the night, as the night goes on free space will dwindle. Spend the night drinking your beer, chatting with your friends and people watching. The platz will be filled with people doing the same. Walk home at the end of the night and save yourself a tram ticket – the city is small and incredibly walkable.

Saturday Morning

Wake up and stop in a bread shop along the road (there are many.) Get a cup of coffee and a pretzel or pastry to hold you over until lunchtime, the price will probably be maximum 3 euro. Eat it on the way to Markthalle, a daily market underneath the Münster that is biggest on Saturdays. Walk around browsing things that would be useless for you to buy, but are much cooler since they’re German.

Saturday Afternoon

mmmm meat

mmmm meat

Around lunchtime choose one of the many braut stalls and buy a bratwurst or another meat selection. (For vegetarians I did see a tofu stall, a rarity anywhere so take advantage!)

Afterward pay the measly 2.50 euro and climb to the top of the Münster to take in a view of the city – the breeze at the top will be a nice break after roaming under the sun in the platz below and the climb will help you burn all the beer and braut calories.

Saturday Evening

Get a Döner kebab, available on nearly every street corner at low prices. If you’re particularly hungry, a Döner pizza is delicious, large and usually the same price as a kebab. Eat it on any stoop, bench or stair of the city, or, take it to the nearest park (there are many) and spread out on the grass. You won’t be alone in doing so.

Freiburg’s night scene is all about the Kneipen, or pubs. At night go party with your new friends (made Friday at augustinerplatz) or choose from the cities numerous bars. If you don’t have enough money, get another six-pack and head to the blue bridge, a bike bridge nearby. Climb to the top and drink in company as the sun sets (don’t fall!)

Sunday Morning

Time for a hike! 


Option 1: Take the tram (2.50€) to the nearby neighborhood of Vaubon as the starting point for your hike (if not, it’s about a 30 minute walk). Pit-stop in the supermarket behind the tram stop for lunchtime provisions and water. From there you’ll head up the Schönberg hill – an easy hike that leads to the Schneeburg ruins of an old castle. Once there eat lunch while looking out over Freiburg on one side, or France from the other under the shade of the remaining castle walls.

Option 2: If you’re looking to pass the entire day, buy a tram ticket and head to Schauinsland. Instead of taking the ski lift up opt to hike it – it’s a nice hike in nearly any season. After a (roughly) two hour hike you’ll get to the top sweaty and satisfied and can climb the tower for a 360˚ view. 

Option 3: Another popular option, and one that gives a more up-close view of the center of Freiburg, is to hike up the Schlossberg. To the East of the city, Schlossberg stands for fortified castle, the remains of some can still be found, though few. There there is another viewing tower as well.

Spend the rest of your time walking through the city and dipping your tired toes in the cool, clean water of the bächle.

Estimated Cost: 30 (very few meals) – 45 euro weekend.

And that’s how you do Freiburg, broke college-student style!


Written by ginamussio

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