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On Italy and Food

Italy has taught me a lot about food. It’s taught me a lot about freshness and flavor and fat. About the simplicity of some fresh bee honey abundantly drizzled over fresh ricotta requested that day from the cheese counter. “Così?” like this? the man will ask, holding his spatula over a pie-slice size chunk of ricotta… Read more »

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There’s No Such Thing as Italian Food

People love Italian food. I love Italian food! The thing is, talk with any Italian and you’ll start to learn that the cuisine is a bit more intricate than just “mmmm. pizza!” or “gelato at all hours of the day!” See, there are two different kinds of pizza classes, the Roman and Napolitano, and it… Read more »

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Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class

“You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.” Three years ago when I had just gotten to Italy and Marco and I had just met, he told me this as if it was the eleventh commandment. For me it was something new – I had considered weather influencing bread about as much as I had ever… Read more »

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How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino at Home

They say Italian is the language of music, opera, art and love. I’d add that it’s also the language of coffee. If the sweet, delicious, dark nectar of the gods isn’t quite idolized here, it is definitely molto apprezzato, very appreciated. Not to mention that our current coffee lexicon has basically been replaced with the Italian terms…. Read more »

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Photo Essay: Food at Milan’s O Bej O Bej Christmas Market

There are two big Christmas markets in Milan every year: The fiera artigianale (artisan fair) and the O Bej O Bej outdoor Christmas market. The fiera artigianale is enormous. Huge indoor pavilions separated by country or region of the world hold hundreds of booths selling artisanal (more or less) goods from all over the world. The plus… Read more »

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We Will Drink No Wine Until It’s Time – It’s Time!

I never did the whole “bike through Tuscany wine tour” when I studied in Florence. I didn’t go to a wine tasting in some quaint farmhouse in the Tuscan hills or take a wine course offered as an extracurricular during my study abroad. And though I grew up under the influence of my nonno, a sort-of wine connoisseur,… Read more »