Sometimes trips are such a whirlwind, it seems impossible to describe it in words. Like a hazy dream or a night spent with too many drinks, you only can recall bits and pieces, a scene here, a scene there. Like my parents visit to Italy, there’s almost too much to recount but the numbers don’t lie. (Unless they’re totally made up…which some are).



5: months since I’ve seen my family last

1: year since Marco has seen them.

11: months it takes to start to forget how crazy they are

7: freakouts in the three days leading up to the trip

1: hour delay for our connecting flight

25: hours we were essentially awake

2: glasses of water offered by American Airlines for the entire 9 hour flight

4: glasses of water we had to personally ask for

4: times the flight attendant probably spit in said glasses of water

30: hours spent trying to frantically finish Christmas shopping

1,604: smiles from my niece and nephew

70: dollars spent on a new pair of jeans

1: belt loop that ripped on said jeans, the second time wearing them.

24: reminders that the material aspect of Christmas is the worst aspect of Christmas

1: Gingerbread house built with niece and nephew

30: approximate seconds the gingerbread house stood before collapsing.

1: additional smile from niece and nephew, especially after house collapsed.

7: appointments made for wedding plans (caterer, priest, DJ, cake, flowers, reception hall, alterations…)

3: dinners with extended family (not counting Christmas)

128198354719384 calories consumed during time in America.

18: days home to visit family, finish wedding plans, see friends, shop for and celebrate Christmas and New Years and spend adequate time with my niece and nephew (which is never enough!)

8: months until we come back to do it all again!

FullSizeRender_3We definitely racked up stress as we tried to fit everything in to a short amount of time but more importantly, we racked up quality time with family, good conversations with friends and were ultimately rewarded with a great holiday season! From us and ours, to you and yours – I hope your holiday season was as rich, comical and filled with love as possible.


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