Besides your weekly dose of Italy-inspired love, I also write freelance articles or posts about Italy around the web. I thought I’d share them with you here not JUST for shameless self-promoting, but also because they are topics I haven’t written about on the blog and likely won’t, seeing as how they already exist in my own voice in other publications.

Without further ado:

All wrapped up – can't get that colpa d'aria!

All wrapped up – can’t get that colpa d’aria!

You know you’re becoming Italian when
14 changes that hint toward your growing Italian-ness on Matador Network.

Exploring the ‘hidden curriculum’ as an ESL teacher in Italy
Also on Matador Network, it’s a look into who’s really teaching during my private lessons and how working with people is the best way to learn about a culture and place.

I’ve written a few others over at the Walks of Italy blog where I’m a regular contributor:

Shopping in Florence: 4 Favorite Artisans in the Oltrarno
I actually first interviewed a few artisans, two of which are on this list, for the first time three years ago for an article I was writing for school. It was terrifying trying to stammer through my prepared questions in Italian and what I understood was minimal yet they were nothing but patient and helpful, despite the sheer number of tourists that swarm Florence every year. They seemed to really want to explain their craft and I’m convinced that the best Florentine souvenir is one made by an artisan using the same ancient method for his craft that they used in the Renaissance.

6 Italian Foods Perfect for a Winter Day
Though it’s not winter anymore, these foods are so good I’m sure you can find an excuse to eat them year-round. I have so much fun writing about Italian food, but that’s probably mainly for the research!

How to Drink Like An Italian


Because like everything in Italy, there are rules. Order this with this, don’t eat that with that. If you want to sip in effortless style, like most Italians do, there’s some learning to do!

Grappa: Where and Why You Should Try It
I had heard my dad talk about grappa and knew what a Italian institution it was, so when I saw it on the menu our first night in Rome I begged my mother to get a shot. The clear liquid came in a beautiful tulip-shaped glass and though it looked innocent enough, it smelled like gasoline. I took one sip and put it down, refusing to try again. With a sigh my 80-year-old nonna took the glass and finished in one gulp and I knew my relationship with grappa wasn’t finished.

Traditional Tuscan Food – Top Dishes to Try

mmmm bistecca fiorentina

mmmm bistecca fiorentina

Don’t tell anyone around here, but perhaps my favorite Italian food hails from Tuscany. There’s actually no such thing as Italian Food, as each region (and within that, city and town and neighborhood) has its own cuisine unique to its geography and history. I spent many months touring and trying Tuscan cuisine, particularly from Florence, and love the rustic flavors and simple tastes!

While there are other articles here and there, these are some of my top Italian posts – helpful for a dream trip or just to get to know Italy a little bit better!


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