Adeline is just over two months old and I finally feel like I can exhale and take a second to take it all in. How crazy was that birth? How fast did these first two months fly by? How many times has Adeline pooped today? All super important questions. 


36: hours of contractions

3: epidural injections

11: hours of labor

5: nurses in the room with me at one point

1: incredible husband

5: nights I stayed in the hospital

2: times the umbilical cord was wrapped around poor Adeline

6: cookies I got for breakfast every morning. yay Italy!

28: pounds gained

0: amount I care about pounds gained

8: weeks since Adeline has been with us

1,873: Italians who can’t pronounce Adeline’s name

70: average age of those who can’t pronounce her name



6: times it took before I stopped being surprised by spit up

5: weeks before Adeline began to follow us with her eyes and smile

3: dinners I’ve cooked since birth

41: dinners Marco has cooked…plus lunches…and sometimes breakfasts…

500: toys and outfits Adeline has already received


4: outfits I have…total

4: hours it takes to wake up and get ready for the day

1: time I haven’t been late

12983791: baby pictures sent to America, daily. And more on Instagram! ha!

200: pounds our stroller weighs

10: pounds our daughter weighs

8: ounces of delicious, cold beer enjoyed after nine long months without


2: consecutive hours of sleep at night

6: longest I’ve been able to sleep since her birth

8: dirty diapers per day, at least

24: sizes my heart has grow

pure love <3

pure love <3

Before I gave birth I wrote about how we’d do best to simply embrace the change that life brings to us. Now that my baby girl is here, all I can do is repeat it. Life with a newborn is a huge change. It’s comical, scary, intimidating and empowering. Change is only bad when we resist it. Usually it proves itself wonderful. Sometimes it turns out to have ten fingers, ten toes, two huge blue eyes and my entire heart.

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Love your list. Love all the pictures sent to America! Can hardly wait to meet sweet Adeline!!


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