6: months since I’d seen my parents last

13: hours of travel

1: layover

4,428: approximate miles flown (3,845.7 nautical miles)

4: people in one apartment

1: bedroom in said apartment

592: square footage of the apartment

12: approximate amount of lemonade packets made

9: cities visited (Monza, Milan, Piazzatorre, Bergamo Alta, Bellagio, Como, Florence, Rome, San Gimignano)

22: conversations my non-Italian-speaking parents had in Italian

3: days in the mountains

6,562: approximate feet above sea level at the San Marco’s pass

92˚F: average temperature during their stay

7: hours to drive to Rome

5: number of speeding tickets that we still might get in the mail

2.5: average miles walked per day (total guess, but it was a lot of walking!)

5: cones of gelato eaten on average (per person)

3: pounds gained by me (I think more by Marco…)

18213237135: number of people in the Vatican Museums while we were there

5: times per day I reminded mom that her phone doesn’t work without wifi. (No mom, you can’t text Nicole now, it won’t work unless you’re at the apartment)

2: times I fought with my parents per day (at least)

15: total days that my parents were here to visit me, see my apartment, finally meet my parents-in-laws and get a glimpse of my life in Italy.

The numbers don’t lie: It was a busy, tiring two weeks. We accomplished a lot but more importantly we were able to spend some time together, something that’s always important, especially because of the last number:

4.5: months until I’ll see my parents again!

Written by ginamussio


Gina Peart

How wonderful! Such a funny post!!! Loved all the pictures your parents brought over! Can’t wait to see you and Marco. Much love, Aunt Gina

Nicole Hobson

I will put money down that the “Italian conversation” that your non-Italian Speaking parents had were actually said in Spanish. xoxo


haha that, or usually they’d just respond in English and dad would say “si si” and the others would nod and continue ahahah they’d have whole conversations before I realized and jumped in to translate


Thanks Thatiana! It has been a long time since I’d seen them and I was thrilled! Of course travel and parents visits can have its ups and downs, but that’s what makes it the best!


I completely agree with you! The up and downs just add to the amount of adventure we have together with them :) And the truth is that we are really lucky to have them around :)


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