We often talk about our lives as a journey. “Enjoy the journey,” they tell us, “Happiness is in the journey.”

As an American with a very linear perspective of time, I identify with this idea. For those of us who are always thinking of the next step, it’s a good way to try and remember the present.


That said, I like to think of my life as a series of beginnings. Everything in life, both good and bad, has a starting point and I like to celebrate each and every one. Chalk it up to my Italian Americanness – we like a good party. Even better when it’s with your closest family and friends. Mostly, I like to take that moment to stop and realize that something new is starting. Though as humans we’re hardwired to hate change, I can’t help but believe that the new things are the best things. Even if it’s scary, the start of something new means that you will continue to move forward, that we aren’t stagnant. They are the next step in our lives. 

Marco and I have had many beginnings. It began when we met and weren’t super interested. Perhaps the next beginning was our first travel together when we grew interested. We had our first date, our first transatlantic trip, our first apartment, house and even wedding.

And yet after all of these new beginnings – all of this journey that we’ve already traveled together – I’m still thrilled at each new beginning.

This Monday marks the start of wedding week. The start of a new celebration. Another celebration! Though we’re already technically married, I can’t help but feel like it’s another beginning. It marks the first time we’ll be in America with our Italian friends. It marks the first time his family can meet mine (besides parents which they’ve already met). It’s the beginning of our life together as a catholic married couple, the beginning of our nearly month-long honeymoon in Indonesia, the first of such a trip together.

These can all be classified as a part of our journey, and of course they are, but there’s something about the idea of a new beginning that is inherently optimistic. I can only hope that my personal journey is filled with new beginnings. I’m convinced that it’s the most positive way to move forward. A fresh start, we say. For me, it’s simply another start. It’s the beginning to the best part of our journey yet, and I couldn’t be more excited!

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