Start the day off right with one of the many Saturday morning farmers markets. Though you won’t buy anything, it will seem delightfully “Manhattanite” of you:


Leave to catch some sights. Be sure to look up so you can adequately gape:

United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service


There’s a lot to see in NYC, and often far too little time. I’m sure you have a large list, as we did, so start at a museum.


Feminist.... Modern..... Art?

Feminist…. Modern….. Art?



Less happy:

Beware: Sometimes walking for hours, hot temperatures and long lines can bring on SRS – Sudden Rage Syndrome. Don’t worry, it usually passes when you remember where you are.

AAAAnd gape at the grandiosity:


Jul 3, 2012 - 13

Cool refreshments may help retain calm, and increase enjoyment:


Madness, MADNESS I say!

Madness, MADNESS I say!

Maybe it’s the sheer exhaustion, maybe it’s the eye of the storm during 4pm taxi changes, but before you know it the day will be winding down.

At this point, you might begin to fret about your lack of time, however you’re in luck! Your body will betray you and begin to slow down (break down). Use this time to notice the little things:




Finish up your day giving up everything else on your ‘must-do’ list. Stroll. Try not to worry about being attacked by homeless people in the park:


Get dinner:



And head home sweaty, exhausted, and thrilled.

*Disclaimer: All photos were taken on my iPhone 4 and were by no means taken with the intent to create a photo essay, or help me to become a professional photographer.

Written by ginamussio

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