Inspiration can come from anything, can be found anywhere.

And during such a rainy, busy, dreary time, why not find inspiration on the river banks of Brivio? A tiny town in the province of Lecco that seems to exist for the Adda, the river that runs through the town and under old fashioned bridges. Supported by lush green banks, the river is a set for couples and a home for tiny boats, swans, black birds and frogs singing at night.



Marco and I passed through Brivio coming and going from Piazzatorre a dozen times. Though I noticed the river (it really is beautiful) I never really considered the town. Off-the-map, (Trip Advisor has two things to do in Brivio) this little town is often simply passed through … but it seems the smart ones stop for a visit.

On the border between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci’s adopted home, it’s said that da Vinci himself found inspiration on the banks of the Adda and often went there to paint.

Brivio has also enchanted my friend, who was inspired to buy a house there – a tiny fixer-upper that will be a lot of work, but ultimately a product of love and creativity. Visiting him we left the home’s shared courtyard to head to the river, like it seems all good Brivians do. The path follows the river as far as I’ve ever taken it, and maybe even farther, and we walked it enjoying the night and the last days of warm weather before winter arrived.

In this relaxed little town I’ve drank beer in a castle, chatted with a tiny priest before mass and ran in a giant inflatable wheel, laughing until I cried. Though Trip Advisor says it’s not much, I’m happy to no longer just pass through.

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