Sometimes a town square is so important to a city’s history, social life and economy that even after hundreds of years of further development, the historical center can’t be ignored.


beautiful days underneath the Münster

The Freiburg Minster was started in 1230 and completed 100 years later. It survived the bombings in November 1944 during WWII that destroyed everything north and west of the platz.






I’ve climbed a lot of towers in Europe, the Münster was one of the easiest, but also least expensive! Go for the views and breeze at the top

Despite severe vibrations, the 116-meter tower of the cathedral, which you can climb very easily and inexpensively, survived the bombing also. Lucky for us, because it’s beautiful. As Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt famously said, the tower “will forever remain the most beautiful spire on earth.”

View of the Münster from the top of the tower

View of the Münster from the top of the tower

Even if, like my friend, all you remember about the Minster is that it’s built “sometime in the 1200’s” the beauty of the building won’t escape you. Go for the market, the life, the history, or simply to enjoy the view!

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