Sometimes there are no more seats
And sometimes you get on the wrong train.
Sometimes it leads to the beach
when it’s not the same dreary commute.


Sometimes your accent is made fun of
other times it’s praised.
Sometimes you code-switch like a goddess
And other times you’re met with confused blinks.


Sometimes the café is out of honey croissants
and the chocolate one explodes onto your dress shirt.
Sometimes you have to wear the dress shirt through six hours of school and three private lessons.
Sometimes someone cancels just as you’ve found parking.


Sometimes you get a parking ticket
even on the days you swear you parked in a legitimate spot.
Sometimes you park on sidewalks
and marvel at your Italian-ness.


Sometimes your daughter yells in your face
And sometimes you yell back.
Sometimes you field advice in dialect from a wandering nonna
and sometimes you’re just happy you understood what she was saying.


Sometimes the hot new online healthcare system is down and you have to drive to the pharmacy
And sometimes it doesn’t work there either.
Sometimes they suggest another time or place
and you have to give up for the day.


Sometimes you have to deal with the bureaucracy
And sometimes they’re closed. Or moved. Or the person is on vacation.
Sometimes they’re not on vacation but simply not there
and nobody knows for sure.


Sometimes you tap into the pace of life here.
Sometimes you rock it.
Sometimes you hike up the mountain with more energy than expected
And sometimes your knees kill you on the way down.


Sometimes life abroad feels like the real bella vita
and sometimes like a self-built prison.
Sometimes it rains all vacation
                                  and sometimes, just sometimes, that doesn’t ruin anything at all.




Written by ginamussio


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