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How I Came to Love The Mountains

The overriding idea is that one is either an “ocean person” or a “mountain person,” though being from the flat, flat lands of Ohio and not vacationing much, I’m not sure if that is a universal idea or an Italian one. In any case, I’m all about the water. I’ve already described my childhood swimming… Read more »

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Escape to the Mountains Part Two

Sometimes you just know what you should be doing. Though we thought last weekend was our last chance for awhile to head to the mountains, when our plans fell through this weekend we didn’t hesitate to create new ones. While our original plans seemed sloppily stitched together, our alternative seemed already planned for us.  Friday after work threw… Read more »

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Escape to the Mountains

It’s hot. Really hot. The summer dragged its feet getting here this year but after this past week it’s arrived in full swing – swooping in to wither our plants and provide a persistent humidity. During the summer the Milanese, along with nearly all the citizens of Lombardia, either bolt to their seaside homes in Liguria or… Read more »