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Where to See Modern Art in Italy

Home of one of the most well known ancient empires in the world, we don’t typically associate Italy with modern sights. Of course we come to Italy to see the ancient monuments, the chiaroscuro in Renaissance art and Medieval hill towns. But. But Italy didn’t end when the ancient Roman’s lost power. It didn’t end… Read more »

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Museo ‘900: Modern Art By and For Milan

Though Italy is ground zero for ancient empires, warring gods and further along Renaissance art and innovations, its culture doesn’t stop with da Vinci. Actually,Italy is a gold mine of modern and contemporary art and there are museums and exhibits found throughout the peninsula. The best place to find all that modern art? Milan.  A… Read more »

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Where to Go to Explore More

Maybe you’ve been to Florence four times and want to branch out. Or you fell in love with the mosaics of St. Mark’s Basilica and want to explore more. Whether it’s your first trip or your 18th, there’s always a new place to see in Italy, always a place beyond your original itinerary, always a… Read more »

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The Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna

If you only see one thing in Ravenna, make it the Basilica di San Vitale. On the outside it’s an unassuming brick structure. On the inside it’s a jaw-dropping work of genius. In a country awash in churches, it’s easy to get church-fatigue. The cross-shaped naves, dark paintings, tiny windows and ceiling frescos begin to blur… Read more »

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A Guide to Ravenna, Mosaics and More

A small city in Emilia Romagna near the Adriatic coast, Ravenna glitters like a jewel. It’s richness isn’t jewels, however, but the glass and gold-plated stones used to create most of the city’s magnificent 5th-century mosaics. Once the capital of the Western Roman Empire and then of Byzantine Italy until the 8th century, today that period is visible in… Read more »

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How to Visit the Isole Borromee

I’ve visited a lot of rich people’s gardens in Italy. And why wouldn’t I? They’re beautiful, abundant, easy to visit, a feast for the senses. I find them pleasant. I don’t love visiting old palaces, but the gardens attached to them, now that has my name all over it. It might seem like a strange way to spend time and… Read more »

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Snapshots of Mantova: What to See, Do and Eat

Snapshots of Mantova, Italy: A look into one of Lombardia’s most livable cities: Equidistant from Milan and Venice and just next door to Verona, Mantova is an easy-to-reach city chock full of history, culture and absolutely mouth-watering food. Declared the Italian Capital of Culture in 2016 as well as the European Capital of Gastronomy for 2017, it’s time… Read more »

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Visiting the Gates of Heaven in Siena

Third times the charm. At least it was for me, on my third visit to Siena this past September. The first time I went I was studying abroad in Florence. We went by train with no preparation, climbed the Torre del Mangia, Italy’s second tallest tower, and otherwise just ambled around aimlessly with no idea of… Read more »

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Spello – The Most Beautiful Village in Italy

We were in Verona visiting an art exhibit with some friends the first time I had ever heard of Spello. We were at a stand buying an easy-clean tablecloth. The man and his wife were basically retired when they decided to sell tablecloths for a living, traveling all of Italy to set up their stand at… Read more »

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Photo Essay: The Cimitero Monumentale of Milan

It might seem strange to go to a cemetery as a tourist – it did to me the first time I was brought there. Yet nearly four years later, I went back. Because the Cimitero Monumentale, or Monumental Cemetery, is more than just your average cemetery. It’s an enormous, elaborate look into a city; an open-air museum that… Read more »