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November in Italy: What to Expect and What to Do

November is the worst month to travel to Italy. Let me preface that by saying: The best time to visit Italy is whenever you’re able to visit Italy. But.  If you do have a choice, Avoid Italy in November. There’s no festive holiday and the weather tends toward dismal. While much of America is cold… Read more »

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To Every Thing, a Season

Recently Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like An Artist, linked in his newsletter to a piece about living with the seasons by Matt Thomas, writer of the Sunday NYTimes Digest (if you can follow that). It reflects on our typical thinking of time and suggests a better way to measure it: by seasons. He asks: “Should one… Read more »

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Umbria in October – Hills, Autumn, and Chocolate

Somehow, somewhere between the very hectic start of the school year (I’ve added two first grade classes this year to chase after!), finishing up the house, and trying to somehow maintain a semblance of a life (social, health and otherwise) I’ve managed to squeeze in an upcoming trip to Umbria! There’s nothing that motivates me… Read more »

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Photo Essay: Hiking Torcola 2000

Spending a weekend up in Piazzatorre, Marco and I found just enough bel tempo to go for a hike. Mentioned before, Torcola is the peak right above our mountain home and our go-to hike. It’s a straight-up, no-nonsense walk that leads to an opening among the trees known as Torcola. Though I’m more than familiar with the… Read more »