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My Parents’ Visit, in Numbers

6: months since I’d seen my parents last 13: hours of travel 1: layover 4,428: approximate miles flown (3,845.7 nautical miles) 4: people in one apartment 1: bedroom in said apartment 592: square footage of the apartment 12: approximate amount of lemonade packets made 9: cities visited (Monza, Milan, Piazzatorre, Bergamo Alta, Bellagio, Como, Florence, Rome, San… Read more »

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A Tour of The Lake: Beautiful Bellagio

I hadn’t seen my parents since I left Ohio in February so when they came to visit this August I was thrilled to show them my life here, my new corner of the world. In two weeks we went up to the mountains, pit-stopped in Florence and San Gimignano and toured Rome, but we were… Read more »