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How I’m Able to Live in Italy’s Most Expensive Region on the Cheap

Lombardy, Italy is one of the most expensive regions in all of Europe. With about a sixth of Italy’s population producing about a fifth of Italy’s GDP, Lombardy is the most populous region in Italy and one of the richest regions in all of Europe. Yet even in expensive Lombardy, it’s possible to live very well… Read more »

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Where to Travel in Italy If You’re on a Budget

“Look at this crostata!” Marco was gesticulating wildly to a piece of nutella pie, or crostata in Italian. Sure it looked good, but not enough to scream across the small Italian cafè. “It only costs 1.50!” Then I understood. See, in Lombardia, things aren’t cheap. The region produces about a fifth of all of Italy’s GDP. It’s one of… Read more »

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Aperitivo in Milan: What It Is and How to Have One

There’s no better way to soak in the atmosphere of Milan than an aperitivo. A Milanese rite of passage, an aperitivo is the surest way to adapt to the city, “do as the locals do” and enjoy a night out. The basic concept of an aperitivo (or apertif) is that of an American happy hour. The reality, however,… Read more »

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How to Visit Milan on a Budget

Italy’s financial and fashion capital has long been considered the one of its priciest cities as well. With entire blocks dedicated to fashion designers, contemporary art scenes for the mega-rich to frequent and private courtyards closed to common folk, Milan can seem like a tough place to travel cheap. But it is possible to visit Milan on a budget…. Read more »

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A Weekend in Freiburg, Broke College-Student Style

First: Get the price of staying the night out of the way by finding a friend who’s staying there so you can crash on their floor. Bring a yoga mat and blanket or else your night will be particularly rough. If not, try couchsurfing or a hostel – the city is full of university students,… Read more »