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R.I.P. Mr Nutella

Michele Ferrero, owner and founder of the namesake Ferrero confectionary group, passed away February 14 at the age of 89. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems appropriate that the man who brought us Nutella would pass away on Valentine’s Day. What better tribute to an accomplished chocolate man then buying, giving and devouring chocolate for a… Read more »

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Eurochocolate Perugia – When Your Travel Plans Are Miscalculated

The dark Deposizione by Rosso Fiorentino lit up after a coin drop. The light lasted for while, long enough that we had already examined every corner of the painting, incredible, and incredibly left alone in a crumbling church in tiny San Sepolcro. The steak covered in truffle sauce, the earthy root inundating the table with the smell of… Read more »