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Pilgrimage to San Pietro al Monte Pedale

Wherever you live or where ever you are there are, around you, dozens of little things to see, to experience. By “little,” I mean insignificant, something here or there that doesn’t seem much yet shouldn’t be overlooked. Driving along the highway from Brianza to Lecco and the Lake District, Marco has always pointed out each… Read more »

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A Very Merry Christmas Season in Milan

Milan explodes with lights, people and festivals for Christmas – making Christmastime a real event. This year I was able to spend the season in Milan, eating at the O Bej O Bej, shopping at Monza’s Thursday market and taking trips to see the Duomo’s beautiful Christmas Tree and street lights.

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Photo Essay: Climbing the Duomo of Milano

I have admired every angle of Milan’s Duomo. I’ve seen it in daylight and lit up by lamps at night, in hazy summer and crisp winter air, in peak season and off. I’ve even toured the inside, sat for mass, examined dark angles and detailed stained glass. Yet I had never climbed to the rooftop. A… Read more »

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Photo Essay: The Freiburg Minster

Sometimes a town square is so important to a city’s history, social life and economy that even after hundreds of years of further development, the historical center can’t be ignored. The Freiburg Minster was started in 1230 and completed 100 years later. It survived the bombings in November 1944 during WWII that destroyed everything north… Read more »

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On Culture, Church and Conditioner – The Truth Behind Culture Shock

I started going to Mass again since I moved to Italy. It’s a surreal experience for a semi-religious American. We go most often to the Duomo of Monza, which is an even grander experience than your typical chiesa, though all the churches are ornate, detailed and rich in atmosphere. You won’t find sunny churches with… Read more »