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Photo Essay: The Freiburg Minster

Sometimes a town square is so important to a city’s history, social life and economy that even after hundreds of years of further development, the historical center can’t be ignored. The Freiburg Minster was started in 1230 and completed 100 years later. It survived the bombings in November 1944 during WWII that destroyed everything north… Read more »

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Street Art in Italy: A Glimpse of a City

I live on a not-so-pretty street. It’s near the center of the city but not in the center of the city and filled with pot holes and graffiti.  In American suburbs graffiti is considered juvenile vandalism that must be punished puritanically … or maybe that’s just what private school taught me. But vandalism or not, I… Read more »

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Perugia: A Brief Introduction and The Start of A Story

In April I went to Perugia for the first time to work as a volunteer for the 2013 International Journalism Festival. Founded in 2006 by Arianna Ciccone and Chris Potter it brings together journalism professionals, students and media members from around the world to host or attend keynotes, workshops or panels regarding journalism and media today…. Read more »

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Photo Essay: Patterns of Budapest

I found Budapest filled with patterned architecture and design. From the wallpaper to Pest’s tidy buildings, the city certainly wears its own style.   Finding something specific or offbeat about a city can be a fun and unique way to travel it. These are just a few of the patterns that I found throughout the… Read more »

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Escape to the Mountains

It’s hot. Really hot. The summer dragged its feet getting here this year but after this past week it’s arrived in full swing – swooping in to wither our plants and provide a persistent humidity. During the summer the Milanese, along with nearly all the citizens of Lombardia, either bolt to their seaside homes in Liguria or… Read more »

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To Do: “Reevaluate Time in Italy”

Moving to Italy after graduation didn’t feel like a great leap, but more like a natural path. The idea was to come and try it out, spend a year and see how it goes. That being said, there was a lot of preparation to be done: mentally, emotionally, and literally. So in the final weeks… Read more »

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Relaxing in the City of Spas

Marco and I came to Budapest stressed, rushed and exhausted. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened that way. We ignored it, spending Friday and Saturday like good tourists, exploring the city and pushing our limits. Marco was carrying the stress in his back and in his constant headaches. My flat-soled shoes began to tear on… Read more »

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Buda. Pest.

I wanted something away from European icons like Paris, London or Amsterdam. Marco, and our bank accounts, wanted to stay in Europe. So, Eastern Europe it was! A quick scan on Ryanair and EasyJet and our option was made for us. For just 120 euro we had two roundtrip tickets from Milan to Budapest! (That’s… Read more »

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The Case For Using a Guidebook

Everybody travels differently. Some vacation, others shudder at the word. Some plan extensively, others show up. Until our recent trip to Budapest, I was a part of the latter group. I planned enough for my first international trip to Accra, Ghana to have a place to stay and a flight, which my mom’s travel agent… Read more »

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The Dogs of Monza

I come from the suburbs of Ohio: Open yards, lawns that are separated only by a skinny, concrete slab of driveway, tricycles and dads in the yards tinkering on something to ‘keep the house running.’ It’s this beautiful concept of the American dream that we eagerly agreed to for the past 60 years. And while… Read more »