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Cross-Cultural Communication For a Better Life

Some say that so-called “soft skills” are the economic powerhouses of the 21st-century. That more than specific technologies, we need to help our children develop a high emotional intelligence, diplomacy and cross-cultural communication skills.  Little touches on my life more than cross-cultural communication skills. Traveling abroad or even more, living abroad, inherently requires some level of cross-cultural communication.  Defined… Read more »

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Traveling Without Technology

I love my phone. I love my phone so much that I panic when I don’t have it. I bring it with me from room to room. I bring it down the stairs when I’m going to lounge in the living room and back upstairs with me when I need to get more water or a snack… Read more »

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Weird Conversations I’ve had Since My Number Has Been On The Internet

Shortly after I moved to Italy I published announcements on various websites offering my services as an English tutor/teacher/translator. I needed a job and I needed one fast, and luckily for me there is a high demand for a native English speaker in Italy. I’ve had nothing but a successful, positive experience teaching English in… Read more »