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How to Visit the Isole Borromee

I’ve visited a lot of rich people’s gardens in Italy. And why wouldn’t I? They’re beautiful, abundant, easy to visit, a feast for the senses. I find them pleasant. I don’t love visiting old palaces, but the gardens attached to them, now that has my name all over it. It might seem like a strange way to spend time and… Read more »

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Pavia: A Small University Town With a Big History

It seems with every turning of the wheel, travel media remembers a fundamental fact about travel: There’s plenty to do close to home. You can absolutely “travel” in your own town, state or region and discover just as much as you would after a transatlantic flight. Your senses are turned on, your wonder just as available…. Read more »

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Pilgrimage to San Pietro al Monte Pedale

Wherever you live or where ever you are there are, around you, dozens of little things to see, to experience. By “little,” I mean insignificant, something here or there that doesn’t seem much yet shouldn’t be overlooked. Driving along the highway from Brianza to Lecco and the Lake District, Marco has always pointed out each… Read more »