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Year in Review – 2014 Top Posts

2014 marked my first full year in Italy. All four seasons, all manners of disasters and adventures and everything life here has to offer. This blog, though hopefully entertaining to those who read it, has also been a life-saver for me. With posts every single Monday, it gave me a weekly moment to reflect, a moment… Read more »

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What I’ve Learned From a Year (and a half!) Abroad

Being an expat teaches you a lot of things. It’s a delicate balance between the times spent riding your graziella bike through the charming streets of Italy as you flick your long beautiful hair over your shoulders, smiling briefly at the ciao bella!’s that are thrown your way and the time spent throwing your shoes across the room… Read more »

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How to Survive the Post Office in Italy

It’s no secret that the Italian post office is hell. Small boxed-shaped buildings, the ufficio postale replaces flames with little old ladies, torture with numbered tickets and inefficiency. Then of course there are the poor, spiteful devils who work there. Past post office visits include: – Trying to buy a roll of stamps only to be told they… Read more »

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A Year in Italy as an Expat – My Italianniversary

Last week I cried out of frustration – again. Maybe I was tired, or hungry, or already frustrated by a frustrated Marco. Maybe I’m just one to easily cry – but that’s not the point. The point is, even after nearly a year of my life in Italy, I still have my moments. I still… Read more »

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Huh? What did you say?

After discussing the language used in mixed-culture relationships in a previous post, I realized that there are more nuances than are immediately noticeable. There’s one syllable in particular that can’t be ignored. It’s the question-word noise. The “word” that means “what?” in any of its forms of incredulity. In America, it’s “Huh?!”.  In fact, the… Read more »

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So Like, What Language Do You Talk To Each Other In Anyway?

Since we met Marco and I have fielded the question, “Sooo…what language do you use with each other?” Asked continuously and repeatedly by friends, family and a surprising amount of strangers, I think it’s time to address it head on. It’s a fair question. Marco, native Italian and my husband, didn’t speak much English when… Read more »

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What I’m Thankful For – Italy Edition

1) Italian food Because let’s get real … it’s amazing 2) Italian Men Ahem, I mean MY Italian man 3) Italian Mountains [youtube=] 4) Italian Beaches 5) Old Italians They ditch you in line and mean mug you on the streets, but these vecchietti still have some serious style. 6) Italian Food 7) Italian Mamma’s They… Read more »

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Halloween Across Cultures

“Do you celebrate Halloween? What will you do?” Not everyone in Italy celebrates Halloween, but with the holiday approaching I still bring up the subject in my ESL lessons. Still, I didn’t expect it when the sweet, obedient 12-year-old girl I tutor responded, “I’m having some friends over for trick-or-treat and if they don’t give us… Read more »

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On Hesitation, Adaptation and Postcards – The Truth About Moving Abroad

Originally, I didn’t want to move to Italy. When I showed my hesitation my friends usually responded, “What! Why?”, then looked off into the distance, imagining driving through sun-kissed fields of olive trees and vineyards while stories of love and laughter filled pages of their newly-penned novel. But rehabilitating myself as I rehabilitate an old… Read more »