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Easter in Italy: More Than Just Easter Sunday

Whether religious or secular, Easter in Italy is worth experiencing. An overwhelmingly Catholic holiday – the most important of the Catholic calendar – the entire country goes all out to celebrate Easter in a festival of spring and light and renaissance.  Here spring arrives early. Many flowers are already in bloom by early March and mild temperatures mean… Read more »

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My Big Fat Italian-American Easter

I’ve always considered Easter as a quintessentially Italian holiday.  Most likely because it was one of the only holidays hosted at our house, organized primarily by my exaggeratedly Italian-American father. He did it like his parents did, which meant tablecloths, family, and enough fresh food to feed a small army. Our Easters were like no one else’s… Read more »

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On Culture, Church and Conditioner – The Truth Behind Culture Shock

I started going to Mass again since I moved to Italy. It’s a surreal experience for a semi-religious American. We go most often to the Duomo of Monza, which is an even grander experience than your typical chiesa, though all the churches are ornate, detailed and rich in atmosphere. You won’t find sunny churches with… Read more »