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A Year in Italy as an Expat – My Italianniversary

Last week I cried out of frustration – again. Maybe I was tired, or hungry, or already frustrated by a frustrated Marco. Maybe I’m just one to easily cry – but that’s not the point. The point is, even after nearly a year of my life in Italy, I still have my moments. I still… Read more »

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The History of The English Language – In One 10-Minute Video

I recently stumbled upon this video, “the History of The English Language in 10 Minutes,” that explains our language evolution from the Anglo-Saxons in 400 a.d. through King James Bible’s influence, Shakespeare, the Internet and finishing with Global English today. I just wish I could translate it for my Italian students flabbergasted by English words,… Read more »

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Huh? What did you say?

After discussing the language used in mixed-culture relationships in a previous post, I realized that there are more nuances than are immediately noticeable. There’s one syllable in particular that can’t be ignored. It’s the question-word noise. The “word” that means “what?” in any of its forms of incredulity. In America, it’s “Huh?!”.  In fact, the… Read more »

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So Like, What Language Do You Talk To Each Other In Anyway?

Since we met Marco and I have fielded the question, “Sooo…what language do you use with each other?” Asked continuously and repeatedly by friends, family and a surprising amount of strangers, I think it’s time to address it head on. It’s a fair question. Marco, native Italian and my husband, didn’t speak much English when… Read more »

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Teaching Small Children, In Numbers

To accompany my Monday “When Plans Go Awry” post and based off the popularity of my “Parents’ Visit, In Numbers” post I decided to continue the theme, this time based off of my time working with small children, predominately from the ages of 6-9, with 5 and 10 year olds thrown in at times as… Read more »

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When Plans Go Awry

I kind of stumbled into teaching. I started teaching private English lessons when I first arrived in Italy because I needed money to do things like eat and pay rent…but it was just temporary. Then I started teaching English at companies to businessmen…but just because it was more secure pay than private lessons. Until I… Read more »