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What I’ve Learned After Five Years in Italy

I’ve officially been in Italy for five years!  In the past five years I’ve graduated college, found and changed and negotiated jobs, lived in an apartment and moved into our home, married, traveled and passed nearly a year with our beautiful baby girl.  It’s been a whirlwind.  Looking back, I can still understand  the small… Read more »

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The Truth About Getting an Italian Work Visa

Ever had a dream where you’re running and running but can’t seem to arrive anywhere? Your surroundings are as unclear as the reason that you’re running and the more you realize it, the more anxious you become, the more out of breath. That’s how trying to navigate the Italian visa system feels. Each and every North American… Read more »

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How To Support Your Country From Abroad

“If X wins, I’m moving to Y” We’ve all heard it, read it, gagged over the privilege of the statement. I understand, it’s a way to powerfully state your strong opinions about the potential-elect. It’s saying ‘I would hate so much for this person to win that I’d be willing to leave the country, my hometown,… Read more »

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How to Get an Italian Driver’s License

After only four months in Italy I had successfully navigated the labyrinth system to get a permit of stay, taking what seems like dozens of passport photos, paying for dozens of marche di bollo, the required stamp (with newly raised prices!) and visiting multiple different bureaucratic offices; I’d also found an apartment, applied for residency, gotten married and started… Read more »

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How to Build a Community Abroad 

Moving is hard. Whether it’s to a new town in the same state, across the country or across the world, you’re uprooting yourself from everything, and everyone, you know. And while we all consider the logistics and bureaucracy basics, we don’t always consider the most important thing: forging relationships. Making friends as an adult is… Read more »

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Bureaucracy Basics to Know Before Moving Abroad

So you want to live abroad? I get it. You want that kick-ass expat life, filled with every single beautiful film or Instagram image you’ve ever seen of Italy. You’ll have it all – fast paced city life with gorgeous vespas zooming by driven by gorgeous people, and the sweet rolling hills of the countryside…. Read more »

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Individualism vs Assimilation: The Moving Abroad Battle

This is a story about finding yourself, moving abroad and refinding yourself within different parameters. It’s about the internal battle that comes with change when you find yourself in a new country. How much is acceptable? Where do we draw the line?  Oh, and it’s about shopping of course. –––––––– I needed new clothes. As… Read more »

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The Endless Possibilities of Summer

My first summer in Italy I survived. By the second summer I was adapting and by the third summer, last year, I finally felt stabilized. Now, for my fourth summer here in Italy, I’m ready to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot going on during that time besides gauging my mental state. We had… Read more »

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What I’ve Learned From a Year (and a half!) Abroad

Being an expat teaches you a lot of things. It’s a delicate balance between the times spent riding your graziella bike through the charming streets of Italy as you flick your long beautiful hair over your shoulders, smiling briefly at the ciao bella!’s that are thrown your way and the time spent throwing your shoes across the room… Read more »

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A Year in Italy as an Expat – My Italianniversary

Last week I cried out of frustration – again. Maybe I was tired, or hungry, or already frustrated by a frustrated Marco. Maybe I’m just one to easily cry – but that’s not the point. The point is, even after nearly a year of my life in Italy, I still have my moments. I still… Read more »