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Flying With a 16-Month Old, In Numbers

This summer we decided at the last minute to take a trip back “home” to Columbus, Ohio to visit friends and family. As Adeline grows it will only be more difficult to fly back to the US and I wanted to take advantage of the time and age to come back. I wanted to show… Read more »

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How to Be the Best Houseguest Ever

Summer is here, bringing with it vacations, road trips and impromptu visits. Whenever I’m invited to a friend’s place in another town, I always go. (Making me, of course, either the worst or the best friend….but at least now you know). I absolutely love visiting a new place with the help of someone who lives there…. Read more »

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Life Abroad: Do You Like Living in Italy?

An English woman, an Irish woman and two Midwestern Americans sat around the table, spritz’s in hand and classic Italian aperitivo snacks littering the table, each discussing the merits of their own country. The question asked by an Italian acquaintance was “do you like living in Italy?” So innocuous. So loaded. Eyes were immediately averted, smiles forcibly… Read more »

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Photo Essay: 2017 Year in Travel Review

Embracing change in one aspect of your life has a sort of snowball effect: It usually rolls change through all aspects of your life. (Read: Embracing Change. Nothing embodies the unknown like a new baby.) Deciding to marry an Italian and move to Italy four years ago is a clear example – every aspect of my life was changed! Now,… Read more »

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How to Build a Community Abroad 

Moving is hard. Whether it’s to a new town in the same state, across the country or across the world, you’re uprooting yourself from everything, and everyone, you know. And while we all consider the logistics and bureaucracy basics, we don’t always consider the most important thing: forging relationships. Making friends as an adult is… Read more »

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How to Plan a Wedding from 4,000 Miles Away

Though my wedding isn’t technically a “destination wedding,” it was planned from approximately 4,424 miles away.  After a small, quick meeting at the county courthouse in Italy for our first “wedding”, Marco and I decided to do the big, classic ceremony in Ohio where I’m from. I wanted my friends and family to be there,… Read more »

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A Love Letter to My Home

It’s gray where I live. In the autumn and winter it’s usually misting, if not pouring down rain, resembling London more than the fertile hills of Brianza.  It’s not necessarily beautiful. I drive parkway past large gray warehouse-style buildings. The gray paint even darker from years of soot, fumes from the cars passing, the weather. In the spring, when the temperature might warm abruptly,… Read more »

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This Your Home Now by Mark Doty

Travel is a leap into the unknown. It’s a willingness to accept what the world throws at us as we leave our familiar setting. Sometimes, as Mark Doty notes in his poem, this can be unsettling. Sometimes we can lose our familiar setting through no act of our own. April is national poetry month. To explore… Read more »

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Midwest vs. Italy: We’re not in Kansas anymore…

It’s easy to think that life between Italy and the United States isn’t so different. Both are first world countries, both are Western, relatively well off and relatively educated. With the safety net of Italian family abroad, it’s easy to think that an American expat would fall right into the swing of things and pick up the Italian… Read more »

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Year in Review – 2014 Top Posts

2014 marked my first full year in Italy. All four seasons, all manners of disasters and adventures and everything life here has to offer. This blog, though hopefully entertaining to those who read it, has also been a life-saver for me. With posts every single Monday, it gave me a weekly moment to reflect, a moment… Read more »