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How to Tour a Small Italian Town

Lately my travels in Italy have been small. I mean really small. Not only are the trips brief, maybe a day, at most a weekend, but we tend to hit villages, towns, at most a very compact city. Marco and I have seen most of the big sights in central and northern Italy. What really charms… Read more »

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How to Be the Best Houseguest Ever

Summer is here, bringing with it vacations, road trips and impromptu visits. Whenever I’m invited to a friend’s place in another town, I always go. (Making me, of course, either the worst or the best friend….but at least now you know). I absolutely love visiting a new place with the help of someone who lives there…. Read more »

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How to Survive Italian Bureaucracy

Anyone who has spent more than a brief stay in Italy has likely had some sort of experience dealing with the Italian bureaucracy. Whether it’s studying abroad, getting a visa or even getting a speeding ticket as a traveler, the system is draconian. Blogs detailing the horrors of the Italian bureaucracy abound from a more positive… Read more »

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8 Pro Tips for Surviving Long Flights

1) DON’T COME TO THE AIRPORT UNPREPARED. You, yeah you single woman who “had no idea her liquids needed to be in a ziplock baggie,” you’re ruining the airport for the rest of us! Unless it’s your first flight ever, there are some things that simply need to be done. For example, weigh your bag… Read more »