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Italy’s Traditions: Italian Proverbs about Food

These days Italy might have fiber optic internet, sushi and matcha, but it is still a very traditional country. Family still reigns supreme and dinner time is still sacred. In fact, I find that the vast majority of Italian’s traditions and have to do with food and their values can be found in the daily rituals… Read more »

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2015 New Year’s Resolutions: Italy Edition

Learn Italian You don’t need to know Italian to travel in Italy, but since New Year’s resolutions are all about bettering ourselves and our lives, why not better your travel to Italy with a few words of the local language? Make your trip to Italy in 2015 the trip that you finally go equipped with… Read more »

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The History of The English Language – In One 10-Minute Video

I recently stumbled upon this video, “the History of The English Language in 10 Minutes,” that explains our language evolution from the Anglo-Saxons in 400 a.d. through King James Bible’s influence, Shakespeare, the Internet and finishing with Global English today. I just wish I could translate it for my Italian students flabbergasted by English words,… Read more »