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Embracing Change

Nothing embodies the unknown like a new baby. From the moment of conception it’s the most remarkable miracle in all of humankind, and the scariest moment in the universe. The change that comes with pregnancy is constant and inevitable. My stomach becomes sensitive, my head becomes fuzzy, my appetite and taste changes. My will hardens as my body grows… Read more »

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On Living Your Own Life

The other day I bought knives. Knives. What’s worse is that I used supermarket points to buy them. We asked around, gathered points from our sister-in-law and our housekeeper. Our part-time housekeeper. Our very very occasional housekeeper (ok okay, my in-laws housekeeper) who was willing to give us some of her points. She didn’t need them…. Read more »

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When Plans Go Awry

I kind of stumbled into teaching. I started teaching private English lessons when I first arrived in Italy because I needed money to do things like eat and pay rent…but it was just temporary. Then I started teaching English at companies to businessmen…but just because it was more secure pay than private lessons. Until I… Read more »