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A Love Letter to My Home

It’s gray where I live. In the autumn and winter it’s usually misting, if not pouring down rain, resembling London more than the fertile hills of Brianza.  It’s not necessarily beautiful. I drive parkway past large gray warehouse-style buildings. The gray paint even darker from years of soot, fumes from the cars passing, the weather. In the spring, when the temperature might warm abruptly,… Read more »

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Pilgrimage to San Pietro al Monte Pedale

Wherever you live or where ever you are there are, around you, dozens of little things to see, to experience. By “little,” I mean insignificant, something here or there that doesn’t seem much yet shouldn’t be overlooked. Driving along the highway from Brianza to Lecco and the Lake District, Marco has always pointed out each… Read more »

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Photo Essay: Hiking Torcola 2000

Spending a weekend up in Piazzatorre, Marco and I found just enough bel tempo to go for a hike. Mentioned before, Torcola is the peak right above our mountain home and our go-to hike. It’s a straight-up, no-nonsense walk that leads to an opening among the trees known as Torcola. Though I’m more than familiar with the… Read more »