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What to Eat in Piedmont

Last week we read about the high-quality, elegant, incredible wines of Piedmont. Now, now it’s time to talk about the food. Because how could we not? Because you can’t truly enjoy the wine without the local food. Because though the region is known for its industrious nature and efficient economy, in Piedmont, food and wine… Read more »

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Wine Regions of Italy: Piedmont

Let’s get real: we all know the world is obsessed with Tuscany. And I get it, it has priceless Renaissance art and architecture, gorgeous landscapes and a wonderful climate. It also knows how to market its vineyards and wine. But there’s another region in Italy whose wine is just as noteworthy: Piemonte. Located in the… Read more »

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Why Como is One of The Best Cities on The Lake

I’ve gone to Lake Como dozens of times. I’ve crisscrossed the lake on the ferry, enjoyed spritz’s lakeside and even popped a bottle of prosecco in a fishing boat offshore of Bellagio after a day on the water. And yet I had never actually visited the city of Como. We live much closer to the Lecco… Read more »

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City, Coast and Countryside: Northern Italy

Italy’s geography is something special. A long peninsula, it has miles and miles of coastline and just happens to be crowned by the Alps. The Apennine Mountains run its length like a spine and in-between you have centuries of ruling city-states that have created totally unique cities. I always preach that there’s something for everyone… Read more »

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Italy: North vs South

Let’s talk a little bit about the north-south divide. Most countries have it. The food, culture, languages and economies of the north have nothing to do with those of the south in India, Argentina, Mexico, Italy. In some of these countries, both areas are accepted and prized. More often, however, an undercurrent of competition and entitlement… Read more »

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This Is The Best Town in The Italian Lake District….And It’s Not Como

One of the most luxurious way to appreciate the outdoors in Northern Italy is in the Italian Lake District. With a shimmering lake in front of you and the pre-Alps around you, visitors have all the beauty of the outdoors, with all the comforts of high-class Italy. Dotted by tiny towns along the banks, there’s no lack… Read more »

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Snowboarding in Northern Italy, Or Not

I had finally done it! I, with Marco’s help, had finally coerced together a group of friends, planned times and cars and made it the two hours north to our cabin in Piazzatorre for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding in Italy! We went to Foppolo, a location near-enough to the cabin with… Read more »