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City, Coast and Countryside: Sicily

The only problem a traveler may have when planning a trip to Italy is deciding just what to see: There is enough for a lifetime of travel! And though you won’t be able to see it all on your next trip to Italy, you can certainly taste its different landscapes. In a country that’s roughly the size of… Read more »

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City, Coast and Countryside: Southern Italy and Sardinia

It’s hard to imagine that such a small country could have such a wealth of heritage towns, history and hilltops. Italy may be small, but its unique geography means that in one peninsula you can find mountains, hills, plains, lakes, rivers and a ton of coastline. I definitely have more to explore of Italy’s mezzogiorno, but I’m not… Read more »

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9 Reasons Why You Should Go Hiking in Italy

Sometimes it seems like hiking has never been more popular than it is now. With the 100th anniversary of the US National Parks System, bloggers seeking out nature abroad and influencers posting their tents and fireplace coffees and beanie pics, the great outdoors has perhaps never felt more accessible. It wasn’t Instagram that propelled me… Read more »

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Flying Over Lake Como With My Own Personal Pilot

Lake Como is home to glitz and glamour. Traditional wealth in villas and new money with flashy boats. It’s about wonderful towns that evolved from fishing villages, small to medium companies that grew the Made in Italy brand and Prosecco on the water. But it’s not typically a lake chosen for adventure. Leave that to the… Read more »

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Alassio: Liguria’s Laidback Beach Town

Shaped like a half moon in the northwest of Italy, Liguria’s coastline stretches for more than 186 miles. Along that distance you can find imposing cliffs, minuscule bays and insanely elegant towns.  It’s spunky and rich, greedy but attractive. It’s also the closest sea that anyone in northern Italy can get to, and on the… Read more »

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How to Do Winter in Italy Right

If you’re going to come to Italy in the winter, I strongly suggest making it at Christmastime. Read: Why December is a Great Time to Visit Italy But it’s certainly not the only time. January and February isn’t as carefree as a gorgeous spring vacay, but let’s remember:   Any time you can come to Italy… Read more »

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Autumn in Italy: Chestnuts

“Are there any: Pumpkin patches Corn mazes Apple picking Hay rides In Milan or nearby?” This post on an expat women’s group perfectly explains fall in America. Those are the fall activities. That is how you celebrate a temperate climate’s best season.  Fall in Ohio means weekend trips to the orchard, spiked apple cider and getting lost in… Read more »

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Hiking in the Dolomites: A Brief Guide

If the Alps splay across northern Italy like a crown atop a queen, then the Dolomites in the northeast are the crown jewels.   They’re known in the news for the difficult WWI battles described in Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, for the caveman recently found frozen in its glaciers and for the challenging via ferrata, an iron spiked path guiding intrepid hikers… Read more »

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Photo Essay: The Balconies of Spello

Like I mentioned before, I spent all of my time in Spello (which, unfortunately, wasn’t much) simply walking around, taking in the gray and pink brick, the beautiful staircases and, to my surprise, the even more beautiful balconies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of balconies and deck. In the midwest it’s about grilling on the… Read more »

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The Legend of Lago Moro

It’s no secret that my relationship with Italy brought with it a newfound love of the mountains. There’s something about the beauty of the mountains and the elation I feel after spending the entire day outside that keeps me coming back, despite what I threaten during the long hike up. So though a strong cold kept me from hiking, I… Read more »