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Me, Italy and Our Ever-Changing Relationship

My relationship with Italy has changed since I first came to study in Florence. It’s changed since I returned unprepared and since I started commuting back and forth as I fell in love with both my now-husband and the country. After a year in Italy, it’s still changing. I can’t argue against all the friends who… Read more »

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On Choosing to Just Stay Put

I love to travel. I love to read about travel, to watch movies about travel and to hear about other’s travels. I plan imaginary journeys for three, five or 14 day trips in the event that any of the three options becomes possible. I bookmark informative articles about destinations I want to visit, despite not having any… Read more »

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[Insert Catchy, Concise, Emotional Memoir Title Here]

I’ve been in Italy over a year. So, if I was following societal constraints I should be shortly releasing my first memoir. Either that or a glass-shattering HBO television show/screenplay about four girlfriends living in New York City… Since I don’t live in NYC and I don’t have four girlfriends, it follows that a witty,… Read more »

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Time to Get Back to Business – Il Rientro

Buon Rientro! This Italian phrase, translated literally as “Good Return!” is heard a lot after the Christmas, New Years and Epiphany festivities end and everyone has to get back to business. After nearly a month of holiday celebrations and vacation time, the rientro can be rough. I understand most Italian expressions wishing someone goodness or well-being, but… Read more »

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The Weird People in My Neighborhood

I like to brag that I was the one who chose to live in Monza. Me, the American, rather than my Italian husband who grew up in the area. I chose Monza mainly because it was the only city I was familiar with, but also because it was a nice compromise of all our wants…. Read more »

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On Travel Exhaustion

Traveling isn’t vacationing. One involves transportation, loaded itineraries, action. The other is fundamentally the opposite. Inaction. Travel, a positive overall experience, can also be difficult, uncomfortable and exhausting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought, “I need a vacation,” after a whirlwind trip. Sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes there are simply too… Read more »

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Greek Restaurants in Central Ohio – That One Time I Tried To Try Them All

My high school boyfriend and I liked Greek food. Or, at least the Americanized Greek food that features a lamb or chicken gyro with french fries. If you especially know your stuff you might know about falafel or baklava, at the most. The summer before, I spent two-weeks volunteering in Accra, Ghana while he toured… Read more »

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Weird Conversations I’ve had Since My Number Has Been On The Internet

Shortly after I moved to Italy I published announcements on various websites offering my services as an English tutor/teacher/translator. I needed a job and I needed one fast, and luckily for me there is a high demand for a native English speaker in Italy. I’ve had nothing but a successful, positive experience teaching English in… Read more »

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To Do: “Reevaluate Time in Italy”

Moving to Italy after graduation didn’t feel like a great leap, but more like a natural path. The idea was to come and try it out, spend a year and see how it goes. That being said, there was a lot of preparation to be done: mentally, emotionally, and literally. So in the final weeks… Read more »