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Photo Essay: The Balconies of Spello

Like I mentioned before, I spent all of my time in Spello (which, unfortunately, wasn’t much) simply walking around, taking in the gray and pink brick, the beautiful staircases and, to my surprise, the even more beautiful balconies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of balconies and deck. In the midwest it’s about grilling on the… Read more »

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Spello – The Most Beautiful Village in Italy

We were in Verona visiting an art exhibit with some friends the first time I had ever heard of Spello. We were at a stand buying an easy-clean tablecloth. The man and his wife were basically retired when they decided to sell tablecloths for a living, traveling all of Italy to set up their stand at… Read more »

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Umbria in October – Hills, Autumn, and Chocolate

Somehow, somewhere between the very hectic start of the school year (I’ve added two first grade classes this year to chase after!), finishing up the house, and trying to somehow maintain a semblance of a life (social, health and otherwise) I’ve managed to squeeze in an upcoming trip to Umbria! There’s nothing that motivates me… Read more »