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The Nitty-Gritty Italy Travel Guide: How to Pack, Budget, Talk and Get Around

Everyone has questions before their first trip to Italy. After you finally decide on your itinerary, it’s time to plan for the nitty-gritty of travel. That is, all those seemingly small questions that are oh-so-important for a smooth travel. Read on to find out what to pack, when to come and how to get around.   What should… Read more »

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I have two weeks in Italy, what should I see?

I get a version of this question often. It’s usually a rambling, excited facebook message, chaotic, happy and a little bit naive, like a puppy greeting you at the door. “So, me and [insert friend, lover, brother, family, stranger here] are heading to Italy this summer for 7 days and I wanted to ask you… Read more »

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11 Questions About Italy You Were Dying to Know, Answered

Recently Travel + Leisure magazine hosted a twitter chat all about traveling in Italy. Hundreds of people joined to reminisce, dream and spread their Italy love, sharing travel tips, hotel secrets and their favorite locations. So I thought, of course, why not me? Below are my personal answers to the chat’s questions, based on my… Read more »