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Well, I’m no longer in Italy – I haven’t been for over three months now – yet even after 5 months abroad with countless opportunities to travel seized, it’s still on my mind. How does one come back from one world and re-assimilate to the “real” world? When is it socially acceptable to go explore again, to spend money you don’t have and precious time you could spend making said money? How many excuses exist that will explain your trip?

I’m hoping a lot.

I see studying abroad everyday. What I mean by that is, I notice it now. A group of Ohio University students just came back from studying abroad in Mexico for winter quarter. Eating lunch today with one, a friend of mine, she said, it’s nice to see the people I studied with around campus and know they understand how I’m feeling and how cold I am right now! I can relate! I still get newsletters from study abroad companies that I ended up not choosing and to add to the torture of trips-not-taken, I am currently a PR intern for an amazing study abroad company called Athena Study Abroad. So I’m researching, writing about, making videos of and sorting through pictures of amazing, incredible, so-much-to-offer locations that I have yet to visit. So many more experiences to be had!

So how does one live her life as a traveler, because that’s what I’ve decided I am, even when she is at home? She dreams of course! Dreams, plans, and works in her “real” life so that those dreams can become a reality. Being a “yes!” person helps as well.

Saying “yes!” when an opportunity arises, no matter how random, helped me land a free trip to Pedras Niegras, Mexico for this May. For five days I will be in Mexico working in an orphanage with a handful of other people primarily my age. I don’t know any of them but am not worried about it, I didn’t know anyone when I went to Ghana either.

Besides working in the orphanage, we will have the opportunity to see a Mexican wedding and will be going to church on Sunday. Five days is practically non-existent, but as someone who knows how to cram a whole lot of sight-seeing and culture learning into a short amount of time I’m ready for the experience. Who knows, maybe it will motivate me to finally start learning Spanish like I keep claiming I will!

Let me know how your traveling spirit does when it’s not traveling. How do you keep the dreams alive?

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