Somehow, somewhere between the very hectic start of the school year (I’ve added two first grade classes this year to chase after!), finishing up the house, and trying to somehow maintain a semblance of a life (social, health and otherwise) I’ve managed to squeeze in an upcoming trip to Umbria!


There’s nothing that motivates me more than a trip. Whether planned or just in the dream stage, thinking about my next travel helps me to work harder, save more and helps me to get through bad weather or long days. Ever since my trip to Perugia last year I’ve been fascinated by Umbria. A long overlooked region, it seems that Umbria is finally starting to get its limelight. Think: beautiful countryside, rolling hills and wine that rivals Tuscany, but at a third of the price. It still has a medieval feel, an atmosphere of the undiscovered and a pace that perfectly matches the sunrises and sunsets of the hilltop towns.

With the famous Jazz festival every summer and winter, not to mention the annual international chocolate festival, Perugia has long been calling visitors. This time – though we will be stopping in Perugia for a bit of chocolate – we’ll be touring the other gems of the region: Assisi and Spello, among others that have yet to be decided.

I’m especially excited to get to go in Autumn. My all-time favorite season, I can only imagine what the trees and countryside will look like in the Fall. They say if you throw a dart at the middle of Italy it would hit Umbria, and this heartland has a lot to offer – especially this fall!

While you wait for photos from trip (coming mid-October) I’ll leave you with my most recent post for Walks of Italy that might help your autumn day-dreams: Umbria in Autumn – The Best Festivals and Events.

If nothing else, check it out for the amazing photos and tell me about your upcoming fall trips!



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