The Arena di Verona has been standing tall for nearly 2,000 years. Actually, our best guess is that it was built sometime around 30 AD, which would make the structure exactly 1,985 years old. In any case, it’s still been around about 50 years longer than Rome’s Colosseum and about 1,746 years longer than the United States has enjoyed independence.

I’ve been fascinated with the Arena of Verona since the day I first saw it. After all, the white-pink structure has lived through approximately one dozen different rulers. It was around when Romeo and Juliet was written and published, while in the anonymity of its crowds or the dark nooks of its arches the real Romeo and Juliets of the city likely played out their own stories. 

What stories can a building have echoed in its eaves? What lies and loves have nestled into the holes in its stone? What sins are closed into the dungeons underground? What secrets can a building collect in 2,000 years?

Gladiators, queens, thieves, soldiers, prostitutes and priests – at one time or another the solemn arched Arena held them all.

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Written by ginamussio


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