Shortly after I moved to Italy I published announcements on various websites offering my services as an English tutor/teacher/translator. I needed a job and I needed one fast, and luckily for me there is a high demand for a native English speaker in Italy.

I’ve had nothing but a successful, positive experience teaching English in the seven months I’ve been here. I’ve met wonderful people and have learned a lot about myself, teaching, languages and cultures. That being said, it’s an interpersonal job, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of strange interactions.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

I guess that’s what I get for putting my number on the internet…

Weird Conversations I’ve had Since My Number Has Been On The Internet:

“Ciao Vale This is Ema. I can’t pass by I’m at work. It’s a shame, I wanted to taste your stupendous little feet….tonight? Send a text I’m at work.”

My response: “Wrong number”

“I received your text but I don’t understand…?”

In which I copied and pasted what he sent me, saying “you sent me this”

He said: “Oh damn! I’m sorry! Are you mad?!?”

I couldn’t help myself, I responded: “No, but it’s probably better if you send it to the right number!”

And his last response? “Yeah, I thought it was strange that my friend didn’t respond to me. What a bad impression….Emanuele by the way.

I didn’t respond.


And in email form:

“You’re stupendous ciao”

why thank you!

why thank you!


“Ciao. I’m looking for someone to travel with me to Tunisia for the first week of September. Everyone is working and I don’t want to go alone at all.. Ciao let me know. Davide.”

Things were getting weird with all the texts I had gotten, so I asked: “Excuse me, how did you find this number?”

He said: “??? What? Sorry but this isn’t Elena from the bar?”

Nope, wrong number.


I’ve never put my number on the internet. Apparently, this is what can happen! People with foot fetishes and invites to travel the world…

Later, I had a very apologetic and slightly embarrassed Englishman call me and say that he collects used shoes, saw I was American, and wanted to know if I had a pair of American boat shoes I would sell him.

Just one more conversation that college definitely didn’t prepare me for…

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