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A Weekend in Freiburg, Broke College-Student Style

First: Get the price of staying the night out of the way by finding a friend who’s staying there so you can crash on their floor. Bring a yoga mat and blanket or else your night will be particularly rough. If not, try couchsurfing or a hostel – the city is full of university students,… Read more »

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The Green Heart of Germany

A university town, Freiburg is full of students. One of the largest towns in Bavaria, Freiburg is full of tourists. Known for its high standard of living and eco-friendly politics, Freiburg is full of middle-income, environmentally conscious families. Add it all up and it’s clear: Freiburg is full of hippies. Better yet, (some of you… Read more »

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Street Art in Italy: A Glimpse of a City

I live on a not-so-pretty street. It’s near the center of the city but not in the center of the city and filled with pot holes and graffiti.  In American suburbs graffiti is considered juvenile vandalism that must be punished puritanically … or maybe that’s just what private school taught me. But vandalism or not, I… Read more »

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On Hesitation, Adaptation and Postcards – The Truth About Moving Abroad

Originally, I didn’t want to move to Italy. When I showed my hesitation my friends usually responded, “What! Why?”, then looked off into the distance, imagining driving through sun-kissed fields of olive trees and vineyards while stories of love and laughter filled pages of their newly-penned novel. But rehabilitating myself as I rehabilitate an old… Read more »