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My Parents’ Visit, in Numbers

6: months since I’d seen my parents last 13: hours of travel 1: layover 4,428: approximate miles flown (3,845.7 nautical miles) 4: people in one apartment 1: bedroom in said apartment 592: square footage of the apartment 12: approximate amount of lemonade packets made 9: cities visited (Monza, Milan, Piazzatorre, Bergamo Alta, Bellagio, Como, Florence, Rome, San… Read more »

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A Tour of The Lake: Beautiful Bellagio

I hadn’t seen my parents since I left Ohio in February so when they came to visit this August I was thrilled to show them my life here, my new corner of the world. In two weeks we went up to the mountains, pit-stopped in Florence and San Gimignano and toured Rome, but we were… Read more »

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Weird Conversations I’ve had Since My Number Has Been On The Internet

Shortly after I moved to Italy I published announcements on various websites offering my services as an English tutor/teacher/translator. I needed a job and I needed one fast, and luckily for me there is a high demand for a native English speaker in Italy. I’ve had nothing but a successful, positive experience teaching English in… Read more »

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Photo Essay: The Freiburg Minster

Sometimes a town square is so important to a city’s history, social life and economy that even after hundreds of years of further development, the historical center can’t be ignored. The Freiburg Minster was started in 1230 and completed 100 years later. It survived the bombings in November 1944 during WWII that destroyed everything north… Read more »