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Halloween Across Cultures

“Do you celebrate Halloween? What will you do?” Not everyone in Italy celebrates Halloween, but with the holiday approaching I still bring up the subject in my ESL lessons. Still, I didn’t expect it when the sweet, obedient 12-year-old girl I tutor responded, “I’m having some friends over for trick-or-treat and if they don’t give us… Read more »

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Photo Essay: Hiking Torcola 2000

Spending a weekend up in Piazzatorre, Marco and I found just enough bel tempo to go for a hike. Mentioned before, Torcola is the peak right above our mountain home and our go-to hike. It’s a straight-up, no-nonsense walk that leads to an opening among the trees known as Torcola. Though I’m more than familiar with the… Read more »

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9 Easy Ways To Live The Travel Life

I have no major travel plans for fall. I know, I know, this is a travel blog, but I’m not a blogger-by-profession and I’m not doing a RTW trip as full-time travel bloggers like to say, (for the rest of us, it stands for “Round The World” trip…I think). There are always pauses between trips,… Read more »

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Tradition, Land and Culture at The Festa dei Crotti

Rain. Rain. Rain. It seems that northern Italy missed the memo that it’s fall, aka a time with beautiful, hot colors, crisp temperatures but not too crisp – vest weather. Nope, it’s raining (maybe that is fall here, but I refuse to admit it yet) and winter-cold. So even though I woke up deathly ill (or… Read more »

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Photo Essay: Autumn in Tiergarten, Berlin

I ventured into Tiergarten, the largest garden in central Berlin, on the last day of my visit. There was no plan or time limit and I ended up spending hours exploring the pathways, ponds and colors of this enormous park. Though I went three years ago, I haven’t forgotten the vivid colors of autumn in… Read more »

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The Weird People in My Neighborhood

I like to brag that I was the one who chose to live in Monza. Me, the American, rather than my Italian husband who grew up in the area. I chose Monza mainly because it was the only city I was familiar with, but also because it was a nice compromise of all our wants…. Read more »

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On Travel Exhaustion

Traveling isn’t vacationing. One involves transportation, loaded itineraries, action. The other is fundamentally the opposite. Inaction. Travel, a positive overall experience, can also be difficult, uncomfortable and exhausting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought, “I need a vacation,” after a whirlwind trip. Sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes there are simply too… Read more »