2014 marked my first full year in Italy. All four seasons, all manners of disasters and adventures and everything life here has to offer. This blog, though hopefully entertaining to those who read it, has also been a life-saver for me. With posts every single Monday, it gave me a weekly moment to reflect, a moment to bitch and many moments for positivity.

I’d like to continue to grow the blog even more in 2015, but before, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate what 2014 had to offer. 


Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014:

1. So Like, How Did You Guys Meet Anyway?

This was by far the most successful post of 2014. Turns out, you guys like the private stories and true glimpses into my life – or maybe you just like Marco and I! I get so many questions about my life in Italy, about moving, work and living abroad, but the question I hear the most is about how it all came to be. How does a girl from the Midwest just casually meet an Italian, fall in love and get married abroad? One of my favorite stories and an open love letter to Marco, it’s one of my favorite posts as well.

2. Open Letter to The Midwest

The other day a friend told me that she has no strong attachment to Columbus, Ohio or even America. She said without her family, she’d be willing to live in most places. Though it could be true, I told her that would likely change when she actually did leave the country. From the small moments of “Where the hell is the conditioner?!” To the more life-changing moments of building a house and dealing with the bureaucracy, often it takes losing something to really appreciate what you have.

3. Gina’s 8 Pro Tips for Surviving Long Flights

After a hellish and winding flight from Ohio back to Milan through three different airports, I stand by these.

4. From Portofino to San Fruttuoso on Foot

I bitched, I moaned, there may have even been tears…then it turned out being the best part of the entire trip.

5. Me, Italy and Our Ever-Changing Relationship

This one surprised me. On a certain level I felt that it is a post more for myself than for others. My feelings for Italy were in constant flux and this post helped me not only to realize that, but to accept it. My relationship with Italy is still changing. When you choose the country you live in, everything about your relationship with it is different. It’s more difficult to simply accept it as it is, because unlike your native country, you knowingly, openly chose it. My Italia is a million things, and I imagine it will only continue to grow.

Special mention:

Photo Essay: The Italian City of Love

Ok, ok, this was written in 2013, but the stats don’t lie: The Italian City of Love is one of the top posts on the blog. Apparently the world is romantic, and people want to see Verona! I’ve been to Verona three different times, and I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of the city. It is romantic, and though I’ve done most of the touristy things, it’s the atmosphere of the city that I want to absorb.

With new jobs and a new house, hikes and trips, mini-vacations and more “back-yard” travel, 2014 was a great year and a great year in Italy. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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