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What I’ve Learned From a Year (and a half!) Abroad

Being an expat teaches you a lot of things. It’s a delicate balance between the times spent riding your graziella bike through the charming streets of Italy as you flick your long beautiful hair over your shoulders, smiling briefly at the ciao bella!’s that are thrown your way and the time spent throwing your shoes across the room… Read more »

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Photo Essay: The Grand Ole Opry

Nashville, Tennessee is often called Music City and The Home of Country Music – but when did it start? How did it get its reputation? From the Grand Ole Opry. Though folk music and, thus, country music is an intrinsic part of Nashville’s history, its rise on the national scene as the home of country music likely started with WSM… Read more »

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An Open Letter to the Midwest

Dear Midwest, I know I left quickly, without many second thoughts, but like any prodigal daughter I now come back apologetic, and with more wisdom than when I set off. Some of that wisdom I’d like to share. Because I, too, had my periods of very little respect. To answer what the region is known for… Read more »