Traveling anywhere means noticing your surroundings. They say to ‘stop and smell the roses’ – this time we’ll interrupt that to take time to enjoy nature, the sky and for this particular post, the clouds.


It’s one thing to look up and see beautiful rolling clouds across a blue sky or pink-stained clouds stretching long – It’s another to be at cloud level! Hiking in the Dolomites last year provided many opportunities to feel above the clouds, but on the day the image above was taken we hiked for hours in the clouds. The temperature and our height was the perfect cloud-forming combination and we spent our walk surrounded by dense, white clouds.

IMG_2669Later in the day as we descended the landscape opened up and so did the clouds:


It’s easy to ignore your surroundings at home. Things become habitual, normal, nothing exciting. A part of the excitement of travel comes from a heightened sense of awareness at the overall newness of a place. Traveling for an extended period of time, or moving to a new country, combines that newness with habitual life, making for a clash of simulants.   I’ve lived here for three months now and definitely have found a daily routine to fall in to, yet the newness of the place still exists for me, and so does my awareness, and appreciation, of even the littlest of things.

Such as sunsets from my balcony like this:


IMG_1783 (I’m participating in the online adventure travel and outdoor photography magazine Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers. This week’s Challenge is: Clouds.)

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Thank you!! It was taken with an iphone4, but the scenery is still so beautiful that I had to share!


Ciao Rosemarie,
You will love it! It was my first experience hiking “real” mountains and, though challenging, the views were more than enough encouragement! Yes you can hike in the fog — and the rain as well if you really wanted, though it depends on the path and usually it’s not so fun. We stayed in Campitello di Fassa, though there are many little towns pretty much attached to each other with lovely hotels!


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