This summer we decided at the last minute to take a trip back “home” to Columbus, Ohio to visit friends and family. As Adeline grows it will only be more difficult to fly back to the US and I wanted to take advantage of the time and age to come back. I wanted to show her off to family!


I had read a million blogs of mamma bloggers who travel the world with their young children, yet every single one seemed to buy a seat for their kids, even for under-2 year olds! We opted to save the 1,200 euro and take advantage of the final months that Adeline can fly free, as an infant on lap. Needless to say, I had many sleepless nights before the trip worrying about how we’d survive a 9 hour flight with a 16-month old. Here’s a run down:

6: hours of restless sleep the night before.

7: time we woke up in the morning

10: minutes in the car on the way to the airport until Adeline vomited


50: minutes to the airport

20 kg: weight of our two enormous bags total (nothing!)

700: Smiles Adeline doled out to whoever was willing to take it

9.5: hours flying to Atlanta

10: bottles of water Marco hoarded for the flight. Gotta stay hydrated!

213498315: times we walked up and down the airplane aisle

2: times the two year old next to us walked up and down the aisle. What kind of drugs was she on?!

2: hours of pure toddler squirminess to get through before she fell asleep <– only truly difficult moment of the trip

36: times we questioned the sense of this trip

4: hours Adeline slept in-flight (not consecutive)


2: in flight diaper changes

5: new toys we brought Adeline

5: minutes those toys occupied her

3: hour layover

8: hugs Adeline gave strangers during the layover

90: minutes to play during the layover 6: hour time difference

90: minutes to play during the layover
6: hour time difference

1: hour flight from Atlanta to Columbus

9: arrival time in Columbus

31875013: times we thanked God that it all went so smoothly

Overall, the travel went shockingly well. We had no major freak outs and with a young toddler cooped up on an airplane, I’d call that a success. Only problem? The last number:

6: hour time difference, meaning our sleepy babe woke up at three am, just 4 hours after we went to sleep for the night! 

Here’s to traveling with kids!


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