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50 Things Americans Think About Italy

Any trip to a new country ignites a storm of comments and questions. It’s only natural to compare, to delight in the novelty and be shocked by the foreignness. After my recent post, 50 Things Italians Think About America, I realized that that’s really only half of the story. For every time an Italian is marveling at the… Read more »

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50 Things Italians Think About America

As the blog so clearly states these past few weeks, Marco and I recently (and finally!) had our wedding ceremony. We decided to have it in Columbus, Ohio, where I’m from, and we were lucky that so many Italian family and friends were actually able to make the trip. Our friends took the opportunity to see… Read more »

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An Open Letter to the Midwest

Dear Midwest, I know I left quickly, without many second thoughts, but like any prodigal daughter I now come back apologetic, and with more wisdom than when I set off. Some of that wisdom I’d like to share. Because I, too, had my periods of very little respect. To answer what the region is known for… Read more »

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Hospitality in the Hills – the other, other spring break

“The ticket says we have to be there at least a half hour before the tour!” “What?” “The ticket says we have to be there at least a half hour early!” I yelled again through the door. Marco was in the bathroom, it was already 9:30 am and our tour was at 10. It was… Read more »